Sunday, June 8, 2008


"I met her in a club down in old soho Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola Coca-cola , C-o-l-a cola "
I wasn't feeling anything but a small creature was walking along my back , I was to weak that I couldn't check what was that , yet I hate being numb like that . . .
With the faint smell of cigrattes & the voice of Tom Flitcher shouting : " I left a home just a weak before and I never ever kissed a woman before . . " I began to recognize the last scene I was going through ,

Before a while , my elder sister was talking about a little girl that she met once in the hospital , that girl was suffring a strange syndrome , unknown syndrome that cause asymetric face , that means that her right side of her face is quite bigger in size than her left side , she was discribing that medical case for me while I was doing nothing but trying to help laughing ,

20 minuts later my sister left home, Then I played McFly's CD , and I began to smoke ..and smoke . till the room atmosphere was saturated enough with cigarette smell ,
I was lying on my back thinking of that little girl , and how much amout of silicon required to mange her facial defect ? !!!

It seems that I fell in a sleep for a while, till the face of my sister jumped to my mind telling me to wake up coz she brought that defected girl with her !!!

I was about to bee on myself once I rememberd the huge amount of cigrattes were left on the table,
I was walking along out of my room wishing that there were a force by which I can disapeare from the mother earth for eternity ,

I was on my way to the reception , and I was swinging right & left , left & right , with unclear vision , and I was so high as if I was taking some drug , !
I was so numb that I could say " hey " to her,
and the girl's face was so odd , that its stuck on my mind till this moment ....

There was very acute smell of cigratte , yet the reception was so tide, and there were no cigrattes in any where , I was searching with my eyes here and there for the cigrattes bocket while Tom Flitcher's voice was striking my head shouting : " Well Im not the worlds most physical guyBut when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spineOh my lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola ."

Few moments later my sister came out and she was staring to my eyes in a weird way , then she asked me for a cup of water ,,,
The stereo voice was crying laudly , :" Girls will be boys and boys will be girls Its a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for lolaLo-lo-lo-lo lola "

Nothing jumped to my head but the question : " Where the hell the cigratte have disapeare ? "

The whole scene was ruined once my cell phone rang , and I heard Angela's voice saying ; " hey , ana sa7etek ? "

But Tom Flitcher kept singing : " Well thats the way that I want it to stayAnd I always want it to be that way for my lolaLo-lo-lo-lo lola "


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.asymmetrical face!

Is it 14q+ syndrom?

47 XYY syndrome?

Bd syndrome?
Cat Eye Syndrome?
Cayler syndrome?
Cervicooculoacoustic syndrome?
Chromosome 10p deletion syndrome?
Chromosome 13q duplication syndrome?
Chromosome 14 trisomy syndrome?
Chromosome diploid-triploid mosaicism syndrome?

Emanuel syndrome?

Froster-Iskenius-Waterson syndrome?
Herrmann Opitz arthrogryposis syndrome?

Jorgenson-Lenz syndrome
Mehes syndrome?

Patterson-Stevenson syndrome?
Snyder-Robinson syndrome?
Tel-Hashomer camptodactyly syndrome?

Van Bogaert-Hozay syndrome?
Von voss Cherstvoy syndrome?

Was that a dream or nightmare ?

emoo said...

wat a mess :(