Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time Factor ...

Minaret of Barquq Mosque May 2010
Ali Hassan, Minaret of Barquq Mosque,
1st of May 2010
.Digital Print
Barquq Panorama, City of the Dead 1986
Barry Iverson, Barquq Panorama, City of the Dead, May 1986.
Silver gelatin print(scanned)
"His work, executed from 1985 to 1987, is not nostalgic. It records changes dispassionately; there is decay, and renewal, that is all."
Maria Golia, Photography and Egypt

Tombs of the Caliphs 1880
Henry Bechard, Tombs of the Caliphs, Cairo 1880. Photogravure


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greaaaaat ya mirage fekra 7lwa awy

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