Friday, September 26, 2008

Deepest Shade Of Blue


emoo said...

so touchy i cnan't beleive that her voice cries and laughs without music, i cna't get enough of this song...
this is the translation :

I drink and drink and drink
To forget you
I sleep and sleep and sleep
So I don't have to think.
Damned be the world,
I live to pay for the sin of loving you.

I tell that I don't have life because of you.
Nights brings the same feeling as a days..loneliness.
Oh my God, help me to kill that love which grows in my heart.
Oh Saint me!

Alone walking in the paths of the world
I don't have much strenght to fight anymore

I leave you forever, my love
But don't forget that I exist only for you
And I give you the song of my life as a present
Forever... until I die.

أحمد said...

يا سمينا هتفرح جدا
لما تعرف ان جمهورها في مصر زاد من 15
إلى 17
دا إذا اضفنا
صاحب التعليق اللى فوق

Anonymous said...

خليهم 18 ياض يا بيسو